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Guide to the Best Tractor Manufacturers Selling in the UK


Massey ferguson tractorsThe tractor-manufacturing industry goes hand in hand with farming tradition and the old established names continue to be the best. Here is a short history of the most popular tractor manufacturers selling in the UK today and what sort of products they are known for.

John Deere Tractors

John Deere was established in 1837 by a blacksmith with a small shop in Illinois, in the USA. Over the last 175 years it has grown to become one of the most well-known names in the tractor and agricultural machinery business. John Deere has expanded over the years and now operates in a number of industries, but still continues with its development of world-class tractors.

New Holland Tractors

New Holland was established some years later in 1895 in Pennsylvania. The firm was started by Abe Zimmerman and began as a repair shop for farm equipment. New Holland’s history of tractor manufacturing starts with Ford, which produced the world’s first mass-produced tractor. New Holland now has tractor plants in Basildon, Essex and Belgium as well as all over the world. The company is now owned by Fiat and has many innovative trade-marked technologies. These include the ABS Super Steer System. New Holland produces a range of versatile tractors and has won numerous awards for innovation.

Fendt Tractors

Fendt began in Germany in 1937, when it built the first small 6hp tractor in Europe. The company specialises in tractors, combine harvesters and balers, as opposed to the larger international firms which produce all kinds of farming equipment. Fendt is known for its economic tractors and its rich tractor heritage.

Massey Ferguson Tractors

The story of one of the farming industry’s biggest names, Massey Ferguson, goes back to 1847. This was when Daniel Massey opened a farm-equipment store in Ontario. He joined up with Alanson Harris, who for some years had been his biggest competitor, to become a dominant force in farm equipment. Together they built the first self-propelled combine back in 1938 and in 1953 joined up with UK engineer Harry Ferguson, who brought tractor know-how to the company. Today Massey Fergusson produces a huge range of tractors for a number of farming tasks.

Buying a tractor from any of these big names is a guarantee of quality. The history of some these firms spans almost 200 years and their tractors are still the most desirable and sought after in the world.

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