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5 top tips to finance your startup


Whether the economic climate is good or bad, it is always a challenge for startups and small-medium sized businesses to find the funds to start.

Without assets or valuable securities, founders can have a tough time securing a good loan. So before writing your application, there are some important tips to take on board.

Have a coherent and detailed business plan

The foundation of every successful business is a business blueprint. Without a well thought out business plan, investors struggle to achieve their goals. Further down the business timeline, founders should review their business plans as it will set the course of the business for several years.

In order to secure adequate startup funds from creditors, it’s imperative to show them a detailed business plan, showcasing the opportunities you’ve identified in the marketplace that will have them see significant returns. Also, do not underestimate the importance of measurable goals within the business plan that potential investors/lenders can get behind.

Seek advice from a mentor or experienced investors

Seek financial advice from experienced and knowledgeable investors locally. They may be able to point you in the direction of where or how they secured funds to start their enterprises. Aside from just advising you on securing funding, experienced investors can also be a wealth of information and offer resources to assist your endeavour in business.

Keep a good credit score

It’s fairly easy to see the benefits of keeping a good credit score. Banks and lenders are more likely to lend you enough funds to start your business and you could potentially secure a loan with lower interest rates and better terms.

If you currently have a bad credit rating, consider repairing it before approaching lenders and financial institutions for a business loan. Reducing the amount of debt you owe can work wonders on your credit rating. Making sure to pay your credit card payments and bills on time will also help improve your credit rating further.


Professional networking with business-minded and successful individuals will prove invaluable both in mapping your business endeavours and in acquiring funds to start your business. The strong relationships you establish in the early days of your venture will also help you further down the line as your business evolves.

If you’d like to speak to someone about securing quick and easy startup finance for your business, get in touch with us at NCF.

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