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How we treat business loan applications

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You might have heard we do things a little differently around here. We approve most applications we receive, and we don’t overly rely on your credit score to determine if we should lend money to your business.

We shunned computerised systems from the decision process years ago in favour of a personal review. This means we review all new loan applications in person. This ensures you get a fair shake and no weight is given to any particular criteria.

This is the reason why high-street banks say “no” to so many applications. They use a computerised system that chews up and spits out applications if they do not meet a very specific criteria that is both unfair and outdated.

That criteria might be that you don’t have a credit score above 600 points, or that you haven’t lived at your address for at least 3 years.

To banks these are red flags, but to us, they are part and parcel of existing out there. We understand no one is perfect, and that if you are looking to borrow money, there will be a very good reason for that. The bottom line is we want to approve your loan which is why we take the time to review all applications in person.

The process

When you apply for a business loan online with us, we will receive your application within seconds of you pressing submit. It will automatically be handed over to one of our experienced team members, someone who specialises in the type of loan you want to take out or the industry you operate in.

Your loan application will be reviewed by this professional and checked over by another member of the team to ensure we have what we need. A credit check will be performed to establish your credit history and that you are who you say you are.

We will then call you to discuss the loan itself. During this call, we will confirm the details you have provided and ask you if we need anything else. We will discuss a repayment plan with you and setup a plan that works for your business.

We will offer you the loan on the same day you submit your application or within 24-hours of its submission. The decision process happens in 2-hours.

We can help you find the right loan product for your business, be it a standard loan, unsecured funding, secured funding or asset refinance. Our experts are here to help you fund your business the right way.

We approve 98% of all loans, a staggeringly high acceptance rate. Our rate is so high because we help our customers make a solid application as well as understand what they can and cannot afford to take out. As a responsible lender, we take our role seriously and strive to deliver the highest quality services and products.

Interested in applying for a business loan with people who actually care? Call us on 01234 240 155 or email us at Thank you.  

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Open 7 days a week