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We are market leaders and have arranged £3 BILLION OF FINANCE over the past 50 years.

Do you own any equipment, machinery or vehicles? Why not release money from them for use in your business? Equipment Refinance is vital method of raising cash for your business.

If you need additional working capital or simply want to restructure any existing finance agreements you have, then Equipment Refinance is an excellent option for raising funds quickly.

We can refinance any equipment you or your business owns. Do you realise that there is money tied up in your equipment? We will untie it and give the money back to you. Your sell your equipment to the Funder and hire it back for a agreed primary period.  Commercial refinancing can be 100% tax deductible; you may be able to offset all payments against your tax bill.  We offer both unsecured and secured funding, depending on underwriting we may require additional guarantors.

Why NCF Equipment Refinance?

  • Fast Process
    Refinance is a quick way of raising capital. Provided you have “any” equipment which your business owns, we can refinance it.
  • Funds in 24 Hours
    We process your refinance application very quickly and you can receive funds in 24hours.
  • Consolidate Existing Finance Agreements
    Refinance can be used to consolidate existing agreements into one, releasing additional funds.
Please speak to an account manager today or apply online. – We are open 7 days a week.

What's the next step?

Call us today on 01234 240155 or complete our easy application form and get accepted within 3 hours.


  • How long does it take to get approved?

    Our process is extremely quick and in most cases funding can be agreed within 2 hours, meaning you do not have to wait long periods of time wait for a decision.

  • What information do I need to give to get approved?

    In some instances we would require no financial information from you as the information can be obtained through the credit searches we do or via companies house if you are a Ltd Company,  in other cases two months up to date business bank statements is all we require.

  • Can I refinance my equipment purchases and what are the potential fees and charges?

    Yes, you would sell your goods to the Funder and you would receive the proceeds (funds) into your business account.  Your business would then hire back the goods for a primary period at a fixed monthly amount whilst keeping use of the goods.  The proceeds you receive will include vat and your monthly payments would also be subject to vat that you would reclaim in the usual way if you are vat registered.
    The potential fees and charges depending on product can be some of the following:
    An intermediary Fee, Documentation Fee, Arrears fees if you go into arrears, various Collection and Default fees if you default on your payments (please see you agreement), A Risk fee if you do not prove you have insurance, an Bi-annual maintenance fee, Secondary rentals, a Security fee.   We suggest you read and understand all the terms and conditions of any offer or agreement before you proceed, if there is anything you do not understand you should seek the advise of a solicitor before entering into any agreement, guarantee or legal charge.


  • What Terms can I refinance my equipment over?

    Agreements run from 12 months to 5 years, making this a very flexible option, for raising capital.

  • Will there be Vat on my monthly payments?

    Yes, on a finance lease agreement all monthly payments will carry Vat at the standard rate. This is fully reclaimable in the normal way providing your business is VAT registered. On a Hire Purchase agreement the VAT is payable up front meaning there is no VAT on the monthly payment.

  • Will there be Vat on the amount I receive?

    Yes, on a sale and lease back, any money you receive from us will be an inclusive of VAT amount and therefore will give you a VAT liability at the standard rate on the sale of your goods to us. You will claim back the VAT element on the monthly repayments

Open 7 days a week
Open 7 days a week